RIBO License Coaching

RIBO License Coaching

RIBO License Coaching

About course

We provide condensed notes condensed coaching for the entire RIBO license.

 We have ongoing RIBO classes every month.

 We also provide specially designed practice tests with solutions

The entire coaching will not be on the basis of number of classes, it will based on student's confidence level in the entire course

Below is the process we follow for the entire training program: i) Preparation via module notes for all the modules Automobile Insurance, General Insurance, Habitational Insurance & Travel Insurance

ii) Once all the modules are finished, practice tests will be done together with the trainer/teacher

iii)A class will be taken for doubts before the exam

Classes will be provided on an online basis via Zoom

We also offer a free trial class, just so the students get a feeling of the coaching they will be receiving.

1. Automobile: This section contains 20 questions
2. General: This section contains 47 questions
3. Habitational: This section contains 18 questions
4. Travel: This section contains 5 questions (minimum of 60% is required)

• 68 questions should be correctly answered to get passing marks out of 90 questions.
• In order to pass the exam, you need a total of 75%.



  • 3 Hours


  • 90 Multiple Choice Questions—RIB Act, Auto, Property, Travel/Health


  • 75%


  • 18+ Years Old
  • Valid Criminal Record History
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Language: English
  • Skill Level: Professional