Meet the Coach

Meet the Coach

Vaishali Dhawan is a Lead Coach at Onpoint Financial Tutors. She is a certified executive coach, facilitator, and creative catalyst with years of experience helping individuals and organizations achieve more fulfilled performance and high success rate to start the career in the financial industry.

It satisfies & excites her when her students pass their exam in short period of time & lead a successful career in the financial industry.

She believes in a learning environment in which students feel comfortable, where expectations and rules are consistent and clear.

As a founding partner of the Onpoint Financial Tutors, she is a compassionate and energetic coach, and facilitator who thrives on championing people to do the best with the course knowledge

She is passionate about coaching, its benefits, and the impact that coaching skills have on the students professional career.

Vaishali spends her free time volunteering for various organizations

Her Educational Philosophy:

  • I believe everyone is capable of success!
  • Our common goal here: To make an income while making an impact.

- Vaishali Dhawan